Education and cross training

Education is an expense that does not provide a guaranteed return. An employees on the job training may never be utilized, the employee may take their new found skills elsewhere or they may demand more money during salary negotiations based on their new skills.

However, lack of education (cross training) could cost a company more than the cost of education if it was not implemented before an event occurrance.

Training fits into emergency preparedness planning, as a synergistic activity along with the communications and supply elements tied together tightly with teamwork. To achieve the objective of minimizing the loss, which is the most important objective, a number of elements must be in place at the same time. Lacking any one of these can undo all the others.

Ann Seibert...Library of Congress...2002

Professional preparedness means:

1 - being aware of the resources that are available for an emergency in the workplace
2 - familiarizing oneself with an organizations business continuity plan and communications structure within the facility
3 - having personal emergency items and contacts on hand, and knowing both individual and the organizations role in responding to an emergency.

Central to business continuance during an emergency is knowing what to do. Business continuity planning within the corporate structure should include:

1 - Determining the primary function of an employees daily function(s)
2 - Determining who is available to fill in for another position or function
3 - If no one alternative staff is available with the knowledge and skill sets to facilitate a functions continuance then cross train staff to eliminate that exposure
4 - Run continuity tests with both the primary and secondary functional provider in separate tests to ensure adequate knowledge and level of competence.

Cross-training is also a valuable strategy in preparing an organization for an emergency in the event that key management staff are unavailable......
Ministry of Health Services Province of British Columbia...Canada